Kid-Thing (2012) dir. David Zellner

Sidney Aguirre plays Annie, a young and unappreciated tomboy in Kid-Thing. To have this be the very first film I saw in a theater all by myself was pretty fitting. I’ve never seen a character portray my childhood so well. From the extremely oversized t-shirt to hanging out in the woods alone, most things about this character are a lot like me. You don’t care about that, but you need to know this information in order to understand why I really loved this film.

It opens with a series of shots of a demolition derby (a sport that will always be close to my heart). The shots consist of mostly closeups of the dirt and the bottom half of the derby vehicles. You wonder for a moment if the aspect ratio is correct on the projector, because we don’t really see much other than the dirt and the tires. Then it cuts to a closeup of Annie’s face, staring unenthusiastically at the action unfurling before her. She is watching the dirt. I was hooked immediately.

The film does a great job at putting us in Annie’s perspective. Even though we are (probably) adults, we see a lot of the action take place from a child’s standpoint. Early on in the film, Annie is bullied by some children on a public playground. Low angles and closeups of children’s faces hanging off the sides of the jungle jim make us feel like we are on the playground with them.

As the film goes on, we learn Annie is ignored by all of the adults in her life, and none of the children want anything to do with her. She acts out, causing more and more destruction as time passes.

This is the first Zellner Brothers movie I have seen, but it won’t be the last. Because of the stunning cinematography and the wonderful acting in Kid-Thing, I highly recommend this film. Here is a clip:

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