Day 15 – You and I and You (2015)

I admit, tonight I didn’t really feel like doing the feature-length movie plus blog post thing. After work, I felt like partying. So I watched a short film on Criterion Channel.

You and I and You, directed by Terence Nance and released in 2015, is a short film created for a song by the same name released by The Dig. I don’t think it’s something I’d listen to, but the film was great. I’ve learned Terence Nance is also the creator of Random Acts of Flyness on HBO. I’ve seen a few episodes of it in the past, and this reminds me to keep watching. I’m really into the surrealism of both that show and this short, so if you like that sort of thing I recommend them.

Since it’s so short I’m just going to share it with you in its entirety and leave you to form your own opinion. Or am I just making an excuse to be done with it for today and go drink? You decide!

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