Day 16 – Spaceballs (1987)

I’ve had this dvd as part of a 2-pack with Young Frankenstein for some time now. I have probably started it like 5 times and fell asleep, so I think it’s best I chose a Saturday afternoon to finally watch it.

Spaceballs, directed and co-written by Mel Brooks, is a Star Wars spoof. I’ve never seen Star Wars, nor am I interested, but I’ve seen enough referenced in pop culture throughout my life to understand what they’re making fun of in this movie.

This is your typical goofy Mel Brooks movie, so I feel like there isn’t much to write about other than to say, of course I liked it. I love all of the stupid jokes and the occasional breaking of the 4th wall. A fine example of them acknowledging how stupid they are is when they’re “combing the desert” with huge ace combs and Colonel Sanders turns to Dark Helmet to ask, “Are we being too literal?” Yes, you are, and that’s why we love it. Rick Moranis and John Candy were my favorite parts of this movie, because I love them anyway. They’re both great in everything they’ve ever been in, and this is no exception. This is the only Star Wars movie I need to see, because it’s the only one I’ll truly enjoy.

This experiment is turning out to be a success. I’m glad I’m finally making my way through all of these great movies I’ve had on hand but never watched. Funnily enough, the hardest thing isn’t watching a new movie everyday but having to write about it afterwards. I don’t know how sustainable the current format is going to be for me. I may have to start doing a weekly post summarizing everything I’ve watched during the week. I’m not sure yet, but maybe you’ll let me know what you think?

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